Madrid Must-See Plazas: Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor

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Walking Video Guide to some of the most popular and beautiful Plazas in Madrid: Peurta Del Sol, Plaza Mayor

So here we are in la Puerta del Sol.
And this square in general, is it an important place for people to come? With friends, or..
Yes, its very important for amigos because it is the heart of the city and it is perfect to go shopping and everything. Perfect, yeah.
Do you play here often?
Yes we’re often here in Puerta del Sol. Let’s see, its been about ten years now.
Oh, wow.
We live here and it’s a really cheerful place to be.
Yes. Seeing the people who pass through and promoting Mexican music. And being a Mariachi.
Are you from Madrid?
And can you tell us what you like about the city?
Well, the special little spots. It’s not a city full of big monuments like Paris or London. Its more of a city with little nooks or places that have a certain charm. Charm that you can’t find in another city.
I’ll pretend I’m people watching.
Puerta del Sol, the door of the sun, the very centre of Madrid.
Here we are outside the Royal Palace in Madrid with over two thousand eight hundred rooms, it’s the largest palace in Western Europe.
And no, the King doesn’t live here today. So if you go on up and knock on the door, he’s not going to answer you.
That’s’ a great one. Do it again. I can’t. Go on. Are you serious. To feeling like royalty at the palace.
So we’re in the Plaza Mayor which is the main square in Madrid. And it wasn’t always Plaza Mayor. Once it was known as Plaza Agrabal which means square of the poor quarter. And it used to be a a market outside the city walls.
Si. Bale. Ole. What? We can’t move our hands. We can’t move our bodies.
So the Plaza Mayor in Madrid is lined with restaurants and bars. But, to be honest, if you want to get something to eat, its probably better to get something typical, local and just slightly off the square. We’re on Botaoneras street. And there’s two really great places to get the really typical fried squid sandwich. They’re called La Ideal and La Campana. And either one are a great choice and really good value. Under three euro and you get your sandwich. Its probably better than eating in the Plaza Mayor.
Ola chicas
Do you want one?
This is it
A fried squid sandwich. So much for being a vegetarian. Heh. In Spain.
So here we are in one of the beautiful arches of Plaza Mayor. And we’re in the knife sellers arch and this pulpit I’m standing in would have been a place for a fiery sermon done by a priest in 1808 to get everyone to rise up against Napolean’s army here in Madrid.
So we’ve just visited Plaza Mayor which is a wonderful place to while away some hours with your family, enjoying the sun on a beautiful terrace.

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