Learn How To: style the ASOS Sculpt Me jeans with model Emily Badour

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In the market for some super-skinny jeans, plus fresh new ways to wear them? Watch ASOS model Emily Bador style her fave ASOS Sculpt Me jeans in her signature playfully punky way.

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Tune in every week to see more brand new learn how-to styling tips and tricks. Got any tricky trends or items you want us to show you how to wear? Make sure to let us know in the comments below, and see the full ASOS Denim collection right here: http://www.asos.com/women/a-to-z-of-b…


Look 1:
Jeans http://asos.do/UHB4QQ
Socks http://asos.do/AWgCbL
Dr Martens http://asos.do/HKI0lE
Alternative t-shirt http://asos.do/pFIOKu
Alternative jacket http://asos.do/3EBWOz
Choker http://asos.do/AMLdn3

Look 2:
Jeans http://asos.do/UHB4QQ
Black Converse http://asos.do/TJs7NQ
White Converse http://asos.do/NUhGUm
Alternative jacket http://asos.do/4ioSiq
Alternative jacket http://asos.do/ODakAy
Alternative top http://asos.do/Xv5dhM

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